Earmor dual ptt

Mastering the Art of Tactical Communication: Introducing the M56 Kenwood PTT Military Module with Dual Comm for Earmor™ Headsets

In the high-stakes world of tactical operations, where every second and every command can pivot the outcome, the M56 Kenwood PTT (Push-To-Talk) Military Module emerges as a beacon of innovation. Designed for seamless integration with Earmor™ headsets, this compact device is not just an accessory; it's a critical tool engineered to enhance the clarity, efficiency, and responsiveness of tactical communication.

Revolutionizing Communication with Dual Comm Technology

The cornerstone of the M56's prowess lies in its Dual Comm technology. This feature allows the user to manage two separate radios simultaneously, utilizing a single, streamlined PTT device. This dual-channel capability is a strategic advantage, enabling seamless communication on multiple frequencies without the need to juggle multiple devices or manually switch channels. With dual Kenwood style 2 jacks, the M56 ensures broad compatibility across a variety of communication systems, making it a versatile choice for diverse operational needs.

Seamless Integration with Earmor™ Headsets

Compatibility is critical in tactical gear, and the M56 excels by offering a perfect fit with Earmor™ headsets and other compatible models. This integration ensures that users benefit from the advanced audio capabilities of their headsets, such as crystal-clear sound and effective noise cancellation, while gaining the communication enhancements provided by the M56. The result is a powerful synergy that amplifies operational effectiveness through superior auditory clarity and control.

Durable Design for Demanding Environments

The M56 is built to withstand the rigors of tactical operations. Crafted from high-quality, lightweight polymer, it offers both resilience against the elements and the rigors of active use, and comfort for prolonged operations. Its construction is complemented by a design focused on intuitive use: a large, tactile button ensures that communication remains a simple, efficient process, even in high-stress or combat situations.

Adaptable Mounting for Tactical Versatility

Understanding the dynamic nature of tactical missions, the M56 features a secure vest mounting system. A robust steel clip, enhanced with interior rubber padding, ensures that the device can be securely attached to a tactical vest, remaining accessible and in position regardless of the user's movements or the operation's intensity. This mounting system is designed to prevent wear to both the device and the vest, extending the lifespan of essential gear.

Expanding Control with Mini Jack Socket

Flexibility in control is another hallmark of the M56. The inclusion of a Mini Jack socket opens the door to using the optional M50 Finger Push Button, providing users with additional, versatile control options. This expandability ensures that the device can adapt to the user's preferences and mission requirements, offering customized control configurations for optimal communication efficiency.

Enhancing Operational Coordination and Response

The M56's Dual Comm technology transforms tactical communication, enabling simultaneous management of two communication channels. This advancement significantly enhances operational coordination, allowing teams to respond more rapidly and effectively to evolving situations. In the high-stakes realm of tactical operations, where communication can dictate the difference between success and failure, the M56 Kenwood PTT Military Module stands out as an essential tool for achieving mission objectives.


The M56 Kenwood PTT Military Module represents a significant leap forward in tactical communication technology. By merging robust design with innovative Dual Comm technology and seamless Earmor™ headset integration, it offers tactical teams a superior communication solution. Whether in training or in the heat of operations, the M56 enhances clarity, efficiency, and responsiveness, proving itself as an indispensable asset for any mission requiring absolute precision in communication.