Earmor - Tactical DUAL PTT for MIL PRC Radio

Earmor - Tactical DUAL PTT for MIL PRC Radio
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Experience seamless communication with Earmor - Tactical DUAL PTT for MIL PRC Radio. This device allows you to simultaneously control two separate radios with one compact Push-To-Talk (PTT) device, enhancing operational coordination and response times in high-pressure environments. Made with robust, lightweight polymer, it includes a sturdy steel clip with inner rubber padding for secure vest attachment. Engineered for compatibility with NATO Standard Military headsets using the Nexus TP-120 plug, this device is the go-to solution for efficient, durable communication.


Key features:




    • Dual Comm Feature for simultaneous control of two radios



    • Compatible with Earmor™ headsets and other similar models



    • Constructed from high-quality, resilient, lightweight polymer



    • Large, tactile button for quick and easy communication



    • Secure vest mounting with robust steel clip and interior rubber padding



    • Enhanced Communication Efficiency thanks to Dual Comm technology



  • Compatible with devices such as the THALES MBITR-URBAN AN/PRC-148(V)2 radio


⚠️ WARNING: PTT works only with Earmor (or other military wiring) headsets. Military Connector is not suitable for Element or Z-Tactical PTTs. Please use Earmor PTTs or TCI/Nexus PTTs.




M56 MIL PRC Radio PTT for Earmor™ Headsets with Dual Comm Technology

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