EARMOR M32X Tactical Headset with Microphone | ARC Helmet Adapters FG

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Le M32HC est livré avec un nouvel ensemble d'adaptateurs de rail pour casque M16C pour le système FAST/ARC.


- Nouvelle version MOD4
- Supprime les bruits nuisibles supérieurs à 82 db
- Prise intégrée à la norme militaire OTAN 7.0 pour le PTT
- Microphone détachable pour gaucher ou droitier
- Amplifie les sons de faible niveau
- Coussinets confortables pour une bonne étanchéité
- Coussinets à profil bas pour le tir
- Haut-parleurs indépendants 4x high end beats audio pour séparer l'entrée du dispositif audio et les sons ambiants
- Bandeau réglable et rembourré pour le confort
- Pliable pour le rangement et la protection
- Arrêt automatique de 4 heures



Introducing the Earmor™ M32 Tactical Headset - an innovative noise canceling headset designed for those who demand both hearing protection and the ability to stay connected in challenging environments.

The Earmor™ Hearing Protection Earmuff is not just another tactical headset; it's a lifesaver in the field. Equipped with two directional microphones, it picks up ambient sounds and reproduces them via speakers inside the muffs. This ensures that you're protected against harmful noise while still remaining aware of essential auditory cues.

Featuring audible protection specifically designed for areas with impulsive noise such as firearms use zones, the M32 offers unparalleled safety. The strategically mounted microphones enhance situational awareness by allowing you to hear nearby sounds while keeping your hearing shielded. Dangerous sounds are capped at a safe 82 dB level, while lower sounds are amplified, providing you with optimal noise control.

Key benefits of this advanced tactical headset include:

  • Hearing Clarity: Enables you to hear standard sounds like speech, commands, and environmental noises, and even enhances them.
  • Hearing Protection During Shooting: Essential for safeguarding your hearing in shooting environments.
  • Enhanced Sound Amplification: With volume control, hear better than without earmuffs, allowing you to respond faster in critical situations.

The modernized Mod 4 version of this noise canceling headset features:

  • New threads for effortless unscrewing
  • 3-second button delay to prevent accidental turn-offs
  • Silicon slings for battery compartment caps
  • Dynamic voice tracking for clear communication
  • Increased RF immunity for reliability
  • Improved headphone case materials for durability
  • Updated circuit boards and dynamic microphones for enhanced performance


  • NRR (ANSI): 22 dB
  • Power supply: 2 x AAA
  • Estimated battery life: ~350 hours
  • Compliant with CE / RoSH / ANSI S3.19-1974 standards
  • Waterproof: IPX-5
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 400g
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